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2019 CitH sponsorship opportunities

Yes I know it’s only July and Concours in the Hills 2019 is still seven months away, BUT as the show keeps growing so do the logistics. In fact we are already planning on expanding the show space considerably. This year we were pleasantly surprised at how many cars we had, but as a result there were several areas where they were too crowded for our liking. Please help us with our planning by signing up early so that we can develop a layout that places you in the best position for your business.

In 2018 we had 749 cars (2 helicopters - more to come in 2019), about 20,000 people, 79 sponsors and thanks to all the sponsors we raised over $117,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. These were all new records and we hope to break them all in 2019. We have committed to the hospital to provide $500,000 in funding to build and outfit a new playroom for the kids in the Oncology area.

We had over 60 Ferraris, over 30 Lamborghinis, at least a dozen McLaren’s, over 50 Porsches, 30 plus Corvettes, almost 20 Vipers, nearly 30 Cobras, over 30 Mustangs, about 30 Miatas, plus lots of Mercedes-Benz, BMWs, Audis, Cadillacs, Chevys, Fords, Dodges and pretty well every make of automobile there is - OK, no Duesenbergs.

All of our exhibitors have more than one car, and many have numerous cars even collections. In addition to the high-performance “toys” they have SUV’s and sedans as daily drivers, they get them clear bra’d, have them detailed, store them when they run out of space at home, buy the best parts and accessories. Many are high-net worth people with significant investment portfolios, they buy expensive watches and, speaking from personal experience, have to buy their spouses jewelry whenever they add to their stables,

The show is on Saturday February 9, 2019 from 10AM - 3PM and we invite you to join us.

Sponsor Packages – rates remain the same for past six years.

Sponsors logo/name will be hot linked from our web site plus be on posters (500 minimum) and flyers (2,000 minimum) if paid by October 30, 2018. Right to set up a display area including tent or booth for retail sales – size based on sponsorship level.

Title Level:

$20,000 - Name prominently on promotional materials + Display area.

Carbon Fiber Level:

$10,000 - Display up to 20 cars + tent

Aluminum Level:

$5,000 - Display up to 10 cars + tent

Ceramic Level:

$2,500 - Display up to 5 cars + tent

Fiberglass Level:

$1,000 - Display 2 cars + tent

Steel Level:

$500 - Display 1 car + tent

Please contact Peter Volny at or 480.773.9070 to participate or for more information.

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