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The Story

For the seventh year in a row Concours in the Hills broke records in all four categories!


Year    Cars        Spectators        Sponsors        $ for charity

2014    220            5,000                  4                  $25,000

2015    444            10,000                46                $60,000

2016    513            15,000                67                $90,000

2017    647            15,000+              71                $92,000

2018    749            20,000+              78                $117,000    

2019    941            25,000+            108              $155,000

2020   1052           30,000+            118              $262,000


The cars are organized by brand to encourage communication between owners. The show is supported by the leading car clubs of Arizona, both import and domestic. 2020 saw an expanded Race Car Section with many rare and valuable open wheel and sports racing cars. A special treat this year was the display of about a dozen of the newly Ford GT’s, and five helicopters including an USMC attack helicopter.


The ever increasing popularity of the show is attributable to the unique location - on the gently rolling slopes and green grass of Fountain Park around the lake and fountain in Fountain Hills. 


This is NOT a formal “white gloves” concours but rather a fun and relaxed car show open to all makes and models. Eighteen food trucks ensured that everyone was well fed with lots of choices.


Entries came from all over the state and as far away as California. Despite the large number of cars there was virtually no delay in accessing the park thanks to four entries and pre-registration. For the next show the entry will be even faster and simpler.


The show was declared open by famous race drivers Arie Luyendyk, Didier Theys, Derek Daly, Harley Cluxton and Lyn St. James. 


The 8th Annual show on Saturday February 13, 2021 will expand yet again to take the whole park which will allow us to spread out the cars more and eliminate the cramming in some areas.


Sponsor applications will be sent out in September and vehicle registrations will also start in September. Spectators are free.

2_11_17 Concours in the Hills-62-X5
2_11_17 Concours in the Hills-75-X5
2_11_17 Concours in the Hills-57-X5
2_11_17 Concours in the Hills-93-M
2_11_17 Concours in the Hills-42-XL





If you’re selling cars or anything car related, or you want to reach an audience with high disposable income, this is the place to be as we certainly had lots of them in 2019 with 941 cars, over 25,000 spectators, 108 dealers/sponsors….plus we raised over $155,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, one of America’s leading pediatric hospitals.


What makes this show so special and successful is undeniably that it is held in what is the most spectacular setting for a car show in the valley - on grass around the lake and fountain in Fountain Hills. For 2020 we are expanding the display area yet again and this time taking the whole park, which will greatly relieve the congestion from so many cars and sponsors. This is not a formal “white gloves” concours but rather a relaxed and fun event designed to allow enthusiasts to display their own vehicles and admire others.


Thanks to two entrances/exits, and a simplified entry procedure, we were able to get all the cars in and out with virtually no delays and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. The show is supported by the leading car clubs both imports and domestics. The cars are displayed by brand so we will do our best to place you with a specific brand if you wish. 


This year saw the addition of a dedicated race car section with some very rare race cars worth millions each, The show was declared open by famous race drivers Arie Luyendyk, Didier Theys, Harley Cluxton and Lyn St. James. Another special treat this year was the display of five of the new Ford GT’s and five helicopters including two USMC attack helicopters.

In order to generate maximum attendance spectator admission is free. If you wish to participate please let us know by completing and returning the form below.


Sponsors paid by September 30, 2019 will have their logo/name hot linked from our web site plus be on posters (500 minimum) and flyers (2,000 minimum).



Presenting Sponsor         $25,000          Sold


Carbon Fiber Level          $10,000          Display up to 20 cars + 20 X 20 tent *


Aluminum Level                 $5,000          Display up to 10 cars + 20 X 20 tent*


Ceramic Level                     $2,500          Display up to 5 cars + 20 X 10 tent*


Fiberglass Level                  $1,000          Display 2 cars + 10 X 10 tent*


* Sponsors supply their own tents.

Please contact Peter Volny at or 480.773.9070 to participate or for more information.

Food Trucks

If you have a food truck and would like to participate send us an email

Last year with 941 display cars, 108 sponsors, and over 25,000 spectators there were plenty of hungry and thirsty people!  And for 2020 we're expanding again!  We'll be circling the entire lake and taking up the entire park!

There's no complicated sharing fees, just a simple $250 donation to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Self contained trucks are eligible for most locations around the park.  Because of space and maneuverability, towed trailers are limited to certain sections.

Please make sure that you have enough food and supplies as most trucks sold out quite early last time. You must arrive no later than 7AM on the 8th as it gets very busy by then and people arriving and ready to eat. You are free to leave anytime after 3.30PM.

The Town of Fountain Hills also requires that all vendors selling product, food and/or beverages obtain a retail license. Please visit to apply online. Please note that there is a fee of $50.  We are required by the town to collect the following information:


o   Fountain Hills Account ID#

o   Fountain Hills License #

o   License Expiration

o   AZDOR TPT License #


Thanks for your support!


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